Meet Our Team

Indya Peoples MSW, LCSW

Indya Peoples brings 14 years of experience working with kids, teens, adults, and families. Indya recognizes that it takes strength to seek out assistance, and she is passionate about being a part of the change process to help clients become the best version of themselves.

Indya genuinely cares about each client’s story and is passionate about helping others write their next chapter. Indya is authentic, direct, nurturing, and compassionate. Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy strategies, Indya is able to help clients overcome negative thought patterns that contribute to anxiety and depression. Indya is especially passionate about trauma and grief-focused care. She also has extensive experience working with the juvenile justice system and restorative justice programs.

Jordan Madison MA, MFT

Jordan Madison is a Marriage & Family Counselor and has gained experience in working with teens, adults, couples, and families. As an integrated clinician, Jordan utilizes both Contextual and Cognitive Behavioral interventions to stimulate thought-processing and emotional regulation.

Jordan perceives that change occurs as clients are able to better understand situations through the scope of empathy. She believes that empathy tends to reduce the weight of hardships, while allowing for grow and development to take root! As issues are conceptualized from another viewpoint, clients are free to embrace and become open to better solutions and healthy living.